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Kummel seeds

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Kummel seeds Carum carvi. Carvi (or Kummel) is a member of the Apiaceae family and has its origins in Central Europe and Asia. It has seeds similar to those of Caraway but thinner and darker. Caraway has an aroma reminiscent of fennel and aniseed but with a pungent and slightly peppery note and is often confused with Cumin, due to the strong similarity of the seeds. It is a popular spice for flavouring sauerkraut, cabbage salads, cheeses and breads, as well as stews and fish dishes. Although it is typically used in central Europe, Carvi is also used in some North African recipes: Moroccan, Libyan, Syrian and Tunisian. Caraway seeds, like bay leaves and star anise, have digestive and gastrointestinal stimulant properties.

  • Pack of 1 kg, 3 kg or 5 kg
  • May contain gluten, nuts and sesame
  • Origin: Finland
  • Packaged in Italy