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Molino Pasini

Primitive flour type 1 - 5 kg

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Primitive flour 300 Type 1 Obtained by milling soft wheat from NORTH AMERICA and EU. W: 280/300.

Excellent results in bread-making: particularly suitable for all processing and leavening with a flour with an indicative W of 280/300.

Ideal in confectionery for: Sponge cake, doughnuts, puff pastry, Millefoglie, Plum Cake, Torta Margherita. This flour is suitable both for traditional leavening and for the instantaneous leavening typical of chemical yeast; the dough does not become stiff and above all forms a regular, fine and soft alveolation. Excellent results for puff pastry.

The dough can be easily rolled and can withstand long processing times. Ideal for direct doughs with short to medium rising times in the pizzeria field. Thanks to this flour, the finished product will have a distinctive aroma and flavour, allowing you to (re)discover the different facets of the taste of one of the best selections of fine grains on the market today.

  • Stone husked wheat
  • 5 packs of 1 kg
  • Milled in Italy