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Molino Pasini

Whole wheat primitive flour - 5 kg

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Primitive Wholemeal Flour Obtained from the full-body mixing of grains from NORTH AMERICA and the EU.

This flour is completely wholemeal, innovative and can be used in a wide variety of ways in pastries, pizzerias and bakeries: from croissants to sweet or savoury shortcrust pastry, excellent wholemeal cakes, crispy wholemeal pizzas, focaccia, large breads, ciabatta and francesini.

Unlike other wholemeal flours, it is more elastic, easy to work with and highly absorbent. To obtain a product rich in fibre and unique in absorption, Molino Pasini uses only the highest quality grains, obtained from a full body milling. The obtained product maintains unaltered the organoleptic characteristics even in deep freezing and could favour a better digestion.

  • Stone husked wheat
  • 5 packs of 1 kg
  • Milled in Italy