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Molino Pasini

Flour for fresh pasta - 5 kg

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Type 00 flour ideal for fresh pasta made from milled soft wheat. W: 180/240.

Ideal for traditional fresh pasta, filled and pressed pasta. Perfect both for manual use and for kneading and drawing machines, it allows a short kneading time. Molino Pasini has decided to register the name of one of its products of excellence as PASTA D' ORO ® "Farina del mio sacco" - fresh pasta line.
 The enthusiasm created around this product has led to the need to register its name, to protect it from possible imitations that would undermine a reputation based on the highest quality. Recognising it will be made even easier now that the packs have been revised to present the product no longer under a "common" name, but under its own name.

This trademark registration is made to reiterate, more strongly than ever, the advantages of a flour that is truly unique: the natural yellow colouring lasts for several days, without greying; it cooks quickly; it holds up well to cooking and double cooking; it is easy to work with both by hand and with a kneading machine; it has the right body and roughness to better hold the sauce; there is no stippling. A success confirmed by the best pasta masters and the greatest star chefs, who use it to prepare their dishes based on the high quality of the best raw materials.

  • Wheat type "00
  • 5 packages of 1 kg
  • Italian product