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Impero del Sole

Ground cinnamon

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Cinnamon is among the first spices used in antiquity, and historically cinnamon from the island of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) is the most fragrant and sweetest. In antiquity it was also a spice used as a medical preparation against colds, coughs or heart problems. An important antibacterial still today. The spice is not obtained from the seed or the fruit but scraped into thin layers from the stem and twigs and wrapped around itself almost as if to form a small parchment. It can be found whole in sticks or in powder form.
It is used in many recipes, both savoury and sweet: chocolate, puddings, biscuits, cakes, cooked fruit, fruit salads, mulled wine, stewed meat, roasts and liqueurs.

  • Pack of 1 kg, 3 kg or 5 kg
  • Product packaged in Italy
  • Semi-finished product for professional use
  • May contain nuts