Il cocco essiccato

The dried coconut

The dried coconut is a food rich in minerals such as manganese, copper, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and zinc, but it is due to the presence of selenium that the dried coconut becomes a valuable ally for the thyroid.

Amino acids and vitamins are also present, but these are found in greater quantities in fresh coconut; into the dried coconut we find mainly B vitamins in modest quantities.

The dried coconut is generally only indicated in low-calorie diets if it replaces other fat sources, while it is excellent for enriching sportsmen's bars.


The dried coconut 

The dried coconut is the fruit of the 'cocos nucifera', a plant that is very important to many peoples of the world, who use it for protein nutrition.

To be dehydrated, this fruit is cropped at the ripening's peak in order to retain its flavour. The dried coconut is obtained by grinding coconut shreds and passing them through magnetic separators before packaging. 


The dried coconut: nutritional values 

The dried coconut is a beneficial food with many nutritional values. Rich in fibre, vitamins and fatty acids, it is an excellent food source to include in the daily diet.

Let's look at the calories and nutritional values of dried coconut contained in 100 g:

  • 364 kcal
  • protein 3.5 g
  • fat 35 g
  • saturated fat 31 g
  • carbohydrates 9,4 g
  • sugars 9,4 g

Before drying, coconut pulp contains about 35% fat and 10% sugar. Once dried, however, the fat percentage increases to 63-70%, making it a particularly nutritious food.


The dried coconut: the properties  

The dried coconut, being a very energetic, nutritious and antioxidant-rich fruit, protects cells from free radicals and oxidative stress; it also helps the nervous system to function.

Dehydrated coconut has several beneficial properties: it has antibacterial properties; it promotes good blood glucose levels; it reduces cardiovascular risk; it reduces the risk of insulin resistance and diabetes; it promotes beautiful skin, hair and nails; it has a positive effect on blood pressure by helping to maintain normal blood pressure levels.


The dried coconut

The dried coconut can be used to prepare delicious and fragrant desserts but also for savoury recipes.

In culinary terms, the dried coconut rapè is usually used, a naturally gluten-free product derived from the pulp of the coconut, which is dehydrated and then coarsely grated. 


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